New York Gospel Ministries is a mission effort that endeavors to evangelize the nations of the world by reaching the diverse communities in New York City. Currently we fulfill this mission through the following facets of our ministry:


Our ministry is dedicated to seeing churches like Manor Community spring up in New York City and abroad as well as partnering with like minded churches to advance the gospel. 


In 2012, we re-established Manor Community Church in the 160 year old Historic Manor Church building. Ever since we moved in, we have been tirelessly working on renovating the building while simultaneously using it for our ministries. We have been blessed to receive both financial aid and manual labor from many partnering churches as we continue this massive renovation.


Church groups will come in for a week at a time and partner with us as we minister. Teams set up on the streets in populated places to hold open-air services for the public. These include a blend of singing and performing, scripture reading, testimonies, and short messages. Conducting children's programs in the parks, 3 on 3 basketball tournaments, youth rallys and open house dessert nights are just a few of the ways past teams have built relationships in the community to share the message of the gospel.

Food Pantry

Three local “Trader Joe’s” grocers here in Manhattan donate over $1.5 million worth of groceries to NYGM annually. These donations fuel our largest ministry as we distribute to the needy in our community. NYGM meets both the physical and spiritual needs of NYC by providing a gospel centered service for all who attend the food pantry before receiving a cart full of food. We also supply food to several other ministries across the city.